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How can web scraping help you?

The web contains a lot of information but it is not in a structured format. Web Scraping automates the process of converting unstructured websites into structured data. If that sounds useful then you have come to the right place!

What data do you need?

Generally our clients understand their niche better than we can hope to and are able to direct us to where the data of interest is available. However if you do not have a website in mind please still reach out. We have been in the web scraping business for over a decade (since 2009) and may already know of a relevant data source.

Our quote form includes the details useful to understand what your project will involve and also provides an estimated cost.


Get to work

We will create a scraper to automatically collect the data of interest and then verify the results. Typically this takes a few hours / days but larger more complex projects can require several weeks. The main bottleneck is the volume of data to download. When downloading we need to be respectful of websites and avoid impacting their services by downloading too fast.

Some scraping projects are one-off while others require regular updates. For regular updates we can either provide you the scraper (at no extra cost) for you to run again in future, or we can do it for you and take care of any required maintainance.


Receive your data

Most of our clients request their data be provided in CSV spreadsheets but other formats such as JSON, SQL, etc are also fine.

If the results are not as expected we can quickly correct the format. For larger projects an initial sample will be provided to confirm the format and we also save each scraped web page so that updated results can be quickly generated without needing to re-crawl the entire website.


Ready to get started?