Extracting article summaries

I made my own version of this technique to extract article summaries.
Source code can be found here.

The idea is simple - extract the biggest text block - but performs well.
Here are some test results:


The decision to shut down google.cn will have a limited financial impact on Google, which is based in Mountain View, Calif. China accounted for a small fraction of Google’s $23.6 billion in global revenue last year. Ads that once appeared on google.


Being able to spin up appliance images for EC2 and spit them out onto the Amazon cloud meshes with Novell’s EC2-based SUSE Linux licensing, which was announced back in August. Novell is only selling priority-level (24x7) support contract for SUSE Linux li


However with Elance there is a high barrier to entry: you have to pass a test, receive a phone call to confirm your identity, and pay money for each job you bid on. Often I see jobs on Elance with no bids because it requires obscure experience - people we

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