Hall of Shame
The overwhelming majority of my clients are decent people who pay for the work I do, in fact a much higher percentage than I expected when I started to work remotely. However, some clients do not pay and typically stop answering emails once they have what they want. I am getting better at recognizing the warning signs now and ask for a deposit upfront when something feels off.

Anyway, I decided to publish the details of these dodgy clients here in the rare chance others can avoid wasting their time dealing with these people. This webpage is not linked from anywhere on this website (except the sitemap) so is only intended to be found when Googling one of the people listed here.

Name Email Website Social Media Amount
Dr Martin Walsh martin@valuesbasedparenting.com valuesbasedparenting.com walshandassociates.com.au LinkedIn $1200
Joe Kumph joe@kumph.com kumph.com LinkedIn $800
Jean-Paul Delme jpdelme@infectmedia.com infectmedia.com LinkedIn Twitter $800
Kevin kevin@learnfx.net learnfx.net $300
Eric Mckenzie ericmckenzie44@gmail.com LinkedIn $300
Benjamin Sender ben.sender.aus@gmail.com wrappingpaper.co Instagram LinkedIn Facebook $900
Matthew Simmons msimmons@opermed.com opermed.com LinkedIn $1500
Organic Direct admin@organicdirect.com organicdirect.com $450
Digital Media digitalmedia.co.uk $3000
Riley James riley@dragonflylist.com dragonflylist.com LinkedIn Twitter $300
Benjamin Lindqvist benjaminlindqvist@gmail.com $400
Magnolia Labs r@magnolialabs.com magnolialabs.com $1500
Sameer Goyal doscosameer@gmail.com LinkedIn $400