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  • Google App Engine limitations

    Google Gae

    Most of the discussion about Google App Engine seems to focus on how it allows you to scale your app, however I find it most useful for small client apps where we want a reliable platform while avoiding any ongoing hosting fee. For large apps paying for hosting would not be a problem.

    These are some of the downsides I have found using Google App Engine:

  • Increase your Google App Engine quotas for free


    Google App Engine provides generous free quotas for your app and additional paid quotas.
    I always enable billing for my GAE apps even though I rarely exhaust the free quotas. Enabling billing and setting paid quotas does not mean you have to pay anything and in fact increases what you get for free.

    Here is a screenshot of the billing panel:

  • Why Google App Engine?


    In the previous post I covered three alternative approaches to regularly scrape a website for a client, with the most common one being in the form of a web application. However hosting the web application on either my own or the clients server has problems.

    My solution is to host the application on a neutral third party platform - Google App Engine (GAE). Here is my overview of deploying on GAE: