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  • Bitcoin

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    A few years ago I opened a US bank account so that US clients who wanted to pay by bank transfer could avoid needing to make an international transaction. This worked well until last month when clients started reporting their transfers were being rejected. I rang the bank (Chase) and after being transferred between a few departments was told I needed to come into a US branch with my passport to discuss the problem, which couldn’t be handled over the phone. Quite inconvenient because I don’t live in the US and didn’t plan to visit in the near future.

  • Android database update

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    A significant update to the Android Apps database is now ready, which now contains over 2 million apps (2,130,732 to be exact). If you have purchased this database previously you can login to your account to download the updated version for free.

  • Web Scraping or Web Scrapping?

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    I searched my email and found over the last few years I received 76 messages from clients containing the text Web Scrapping rather than the usual spelling Web Scraping. And this is not unique to my clients - currently Google has 122,000 results for “Web Scrapping” compared to 447,000 results for “Web Scraping” - the correct spelling returns only 4x the number of results. So in light of this common spelling mistake I registered the domain webscrapping.com and redirected it here.

  • Client feedback


    I was concerned about what blind spots I might have with the way I run my business. For example I am Australian and Australian’s are usually very informal, even in a professional setting - was my communication with international clients too informal?

    To try and address these concerns I developed a feedback survey with Google Docs, which I have been (politely) requesting my clients to complete at the end of a job. The results have been helpful, and it also seems to have impressed some clients that I wanted their feedback. Wish I had thought of this earlier!